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News & Announcements
Here is were the latest news is, from new kits, new parts and whats going on at Genessis-Models + More
629 92 The Genessis-Models Show Sept...
by TedUSA
Show Q&A
Please put all your Questions for the weekly show here.
87 22 Airfix Stuka 1:48
by cybershed
Competitions 4345 52 September 2016 Competition
by plasmahal
Please feel free to make any suggestions to improve this forum
314 45 Step by step video for the F4
by tomcat_tweeker
Model shows, meetings, members meet ups ,ect
273 40 Duxford Fighters Airshow 2016
by TedUSA
General Chat
General Discussion
4018 399 What got delivered today?
by TedUSA
Welcome say hello 1749 298 Hello from Massachusetts
by Michaelhayes
     Online Stores and Manufactures
Get Help and info on all manufactures here.
128 21 Need help on airbrush!
by Gadjung
Online Store Reviews
Here you can rate online store's, give good or bad feedback.
97 20 -- U.S.
by Page T Shanklin Sr
Bargains and Sales News 197 65 Black Friday Sal...
by TedUSA
     Video Section (Comments, Help and Suggestions)
Deagostini : HMS Victory : 1/84 Scale Model
Build Along
54 2 Bobbys HMS Victory Step By St...
by debrent
Step By Step Video Builds
Learn step by step how to be a professional modeller, with nice easy video's
287 17 Airfix : Westland Lynx AH.7 :...
by TedUSA
Rapid Video Builds
These videos are more for intermediate and advanced models
88 8 Airfix : Hurricane & Spitfire...
by TedUSA
Kiddies Corner
Photo Builds, Final Reveals, Video's
For the kids, Videos, Photo Builds and Final reveals.
Video Tutorials 123 15 AK Interactive : Basic Weathe...
by genessis-models
Other Reveiws
Here we review every thing else from tools, paints, after-market parts like resin and photo etch.
69 29 ModelsRGo : Mini F Clamps : P...
by helldiver
Members Videos 41 10 T-34/85 - 1/16 Scale - Hobby ...
by luc-o
     Final reveal photo's members
Aircraft modern (Members Final Reveals) 1696 184 Tamiya 1/48 F-16CJ
by TedUSA
Aircraft cold war (Members Final Reveals) 783 106 1/48 Airfix English Electric ...
by ironhead
Aircraft WWII (Members Final Reveals) 1836 211 P39N/Q AirCobra "Russian Ace"...
by Milos91
Armour (Members Final Reveals) 896 100 T-34/85 - "RUDY" - 1/16 Scale...
by luc-o
Ships (Members Final Reveals) 83 10 671 RTMk and Project "Borei"....
by TedUSA
WWI (Members Final Reveals) 104 12 1/35 Emhar Mk.IV Tadpole
by ianprice
Railway (Members Final Reveals) 11 1 Arcata & Mad River GE 44-Tonn...
by Kpnuts
Miniatures (Members Final Reveals) 221 25 WH40K, GW Ultramarines Thunde...
by Dangermouse
Automotive (Members Final Reveals) 347 50 Tyre Haul
by tiking
Other (Members Final Reveals) 382 42 A Gallery of My Art & Other E...
by TedUSA
     Work in progress members
Aircraft modern (Members Photo Builds) 4216 125 MIG 29A Fulcrum Academy 1:48
by TedUSA
Aircraft cold war (Members Photo Builds) 1278 65 Another Tamiya F-4J Phantom i...
by SimonD
Aircraft WWII (Members Photo Builds) 3529 117 1/48 Hazegawa Nakajima B5N2 K...
Armour (Members Photo Builds) 1862 58 1/35 Hobby Boss 39M Csaba
by Corel
Ships (Members Photo Builds) 482 18 Pride of the Royal Navy
by Gadjung
WWI (Members Photo Builds) 249 6 1/35 Emhar Mk.IV Tadpole
by TedUSA
Railway (Members Photo Builds) 23 2 Steam grave yard
by Kpnuts
Miniatures (Members Photo Builds) 418 21 28mm Hired Swords Clan for Ma...
by TedUSA
Automotive (Members Photo Builds) 1063 50 The love bug (to cheer up my ...
by Dangermouse
Other (Members Photo Builds) 1929 51 Airfix 1/72 Angel Interceptor
by ianprice
     Group Builds & S.I.Gs
Russian GB 2016 2nd Half
Russian Group Build (Final Reveal Section), Russian Group Build (Build Section)
1704 28 1/48 Eduard/Zvezda La-5
by TedUSA
Figure painting workshop / group build
This is run by the members
1504 43 The 2015 Figure GB/Workshop (...
by M.Brindos
Group Build Proposals
Group build proposal 2015 2nd Half, Group build proposal 2016 1st Half, Group build proposal 2016 2nd Half
457 54 Red Rugged Russian Revolut...
by Choppa Nutta
Special.Interest.Groups S.I.G
Nigel's Special SIG 2016, Tracked Vehicle S.I.G 2016
1245 14 Ted's Build... Polar Lights 1...
by TedUSA
Modern Research 81 19 MIG 29 Fulcrum Reference Phot...
by Choppa Nutta
Cold War Research 32 8 Mig 21 reference photos and l...
by Choppa Nutta
WWII & WWI Research 76 20 Medium Mark A Whippet
by wobbo
Kits Reviews
Members Kit Reviews here
25 6 French Napoleonic Line Infant...
by TedUSA
     How to be a professional modeller, How To, Help and Reviews
Quick Tips 234 39 Diorama trees
by TedUSA
Build stage
Filling, sanding, gluing, and any thing model making
219 45 1/72 scratch building
by falloffalot
Spraying and painting stage
Anything spraying and painting etc
712 102 Painting Miniature Models
by Dangermouse
Decaling stage
All about decaling
102 19 Decal/clear parts query
by cybershed
Finishing stage
Anything weathering, final touches, etc
86 17 Varnish help!
by Gr4h4m
Anything about Building Diorama.
134 20 Diorama trees
by tiking
Review books, tools, equipment, etc
53 7 Wyrd Malifaux Hired Swords Bo...
Airbrushes & Air Compressors
Help & Reviews
191 31 Veda 180 airbrush
by TedUSA
Aftermarket Parts "Resin" 13 4 Resin assistance please
by Hauptmann61
Aftermarket Parts "Photo-etch" 14 3 Hobby Boss 1/48 F4U Corsair H...
by juanrmattos
Aftermarket Parts "other" 9 3 1/72 USN Pilots
by TedUSA
Electrics and Lighting
How To fit and wire electrics and lighting into your model
25 4 LED lights in to models
by khitomer
Kit Help & Recomendations
Eg. Best Kits, new kits, best scale kits ect. ect.
29 8 Revell Snowberry Platinum Edi...
by Kpnuts
Help 148 32 Tamiya Spitfire Decal Disaste...
by TedUSA
eBay Listings
Advertise your listings here
25 13 FOR SALE - Various Kits - AUS...
by solo
     Group Build Archives
SyFy (GB) 2016 1st Half
SyFy Group Build (Final Reveal Section) , SyFy Group Build (Build Section)
1628 43 Scratch build Pod Racer
by TedUSA
Carrier-Based Aircraft (GB) 2015 2nd Half
Carrier-Based Aircraft Group Build (Build Section) , Carrier-Based Aircraft Group Build (Final Reveal Section)
3807 68 1/48 Hobby Boss F4U-4 Corsair...
by TedUSA
WWII Bomber (GB)
WWII Bomber Group Build (Build Section), WWII Bomber Group Build (Final Reveal Section)
3062 40 Airfix 1/72 Dornier Do17z (ne...
by bill-larisa
F-4 Phantom II (GB)
F-4 Phantom II Group Build Rules, F-4 Phantom II Group Build (Final Reveal Section), F-4 Phantom II Group Build (Build Section)
3240 36 Academy 1/48 Phantom F-4B
by TedUSA
F-14 Tomcat (GB)
F-14 Tomcat Group Build (Rules and Discussions), F-14 Tomcat Group Build (Final Reveal Section), F-14 Tomcat Group Build (Build Section)
253 16 1:48 Academy F-14A "Ali-Cat" ...
by Joe3571
Spitfire (GB)
Spitfire Group Build (Rules and Discussions), Spitfire Group Build (Final Reveal Section), Spitfire Group Build (Build Section)
529 32 1/48 Hobby Craft Spitfire MK ...
by eduardo
Lightning (GB)
English Electric Lightning Group Build (Rules and Discussions), English Electric Lightning Group Build (Final Reveal Section), English Electric Lightning Group Build (Build Section)
653 18 1/48 Airfix F2/A EE Lightning...
by cybershed

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