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Hi All


After a visit to the Bovington Tank Museum, I thought it might be nice to post some pictures of the Sherman M4A3E8 Easy Eight ‘Fury’  that they have on display for reference photo's. Im currently in the process of building the new Tamiya U.S. Medium Tank M4A3E8 Sherman "Easy Eight" European Theater, No: 35346. I wanted some reference photos of the machine and it stowage. As it was fathers day weekend I decided to take my father down to Bovington and the Fleet Air Arm Museum for fathers day. While at both locations I took many photos for future builds including a Hellcat MK II which is WIP. and plenty of photos of a British MK A Whippet tank. There was a well worn Corsair KD 431 which I took plant of snaps of too. Im hoping to post some reference pics of that shortly. Apologies for any dark pics as both locations seem to be light poorly for photographers.   



Fury. Bovington Tank Museum, June 2016
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