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Hi Chaps I am putting this thread up as requested by Reflect.

I took about 6 weeks on and of to build, paint and finish this project. It was very enjoyable to build and went together really well.

So here's a consolidation of the thread posted for the SIG build on the other forum I'm a member of.
box shots.

So there are usual box and sprue shots, I did not manage to get the small PE fret in the pictures but there is one for the grills.

I am following the construction as detailed in the instructions as it seams pretty straight forward. All the parts are being removed from the sprue one side at a time cleaned and them assembled.

I am really impressed with the level of detail in this kit, though care and dry fitting is needed as there is a little flash on some parts and some of the larger fitting pins need trimming to gain a little movement to aid alignment, specifically the half circle pins on the top of the front struts.

so in to the build.

Part 1 & 2 deal with the drive train and the front struts

As you can see the detail is really nice and with a little care the fit is good. Once I finished this side it was on to part 3 &  4 which deals with the rear torsion suspension and front armour plate plus recovery fixing's.
Again all the parts for one side are removed cleaned and fitted, of note it is important to fit the rear shocks to the suspension arm whilst there is still play in the glued joint in order to et the correct alignment and ride height of the hub. The instructions call out for the fitting of the front shocks and rear suspension arms to be fastened but leaving the fitting of the rear shocks for the next part, thus if left over night to set you may end up with problems.
Finally once all the suspension is fitted the steering gear is to be fastened on. Care needs to be taken removing the parts from the sprue as they are fragile and thin, but they do fit very well.
And here is the finished drive train, not bad for a nights work.
So there I am, not bad for a nights work, next up will be the wheels and then on to the upper body. Till next time happy modelling.

So here's update No2, I decided to push on through the construction, and get the build to a point of priming, there was no real problems with the kit and very few ejector pin marks as they are all on the sprue gates.

The level of the detail as I have said before is really good and the PE part finish the detail perfectly. So on to the photos.

The full finished vehicle
And for some detail shots
As I said the level of detail is good even down to the welded seams, this is carried on to the wheels and tyres, really nice for rubber tyres.
Finally a comparison between the LAV-R and the Fuchs my second build for the SIG
The Fuchs is quite a bit larger but as can be seen has a few warpage issues, I don't think it will fall together a well as the Trumpeter kit.

So next step to the paint booth.

Hi chaps well as mentioned on another thread I've put down the primer and ready for pre-shading. here's how it's looking at the moment.


 The build is starting to come to life, next on with pre-shading and then on to paint.

Pre-shading on;

So next on to my favourite part, painting and detailing.

Right moving on here's photo's of the paint going down;

Base colour on
NATO Brown on next
NATO Black on next
Finally Klear coat on before weathering starts

Wash time, I'm using Flory Models Sand wash to grime up the truck first then I'll see where I go from there,

Wash on;
Wash off;

I sprayed on the wash with the airbrush left it to dry for a couple of hours and then I am using a wetted flat brush to work in the wash to give me a streaky grimy look, this is the first time I have used the wash in this way so I am interested to see how the overall look ends up. Above is the first side to get the brush treatment.

Ok first stage weathering complete;


Quite happy with this for a start next up a few touch ups and the detail painting of tools etc. before sealing in and the decaling and then more weathering. I know doing this weathering first before decals sounds daft but I thought I would try it to see if I can add a little more depth to the finish with grime underneath the carrier film of the decals as well as on top. Worth a try  and because there are not to many decals and they are all quite small noting to lose I figured.

Below are the brushes I used to work the wash on the surface of the model the black handled one in the middle is a soft flat brush ideal for rehydrating the wash and move it around making streaks and general soiling to the model, the blue handled one does the same but is stiffer and a little more aggressive for the heaver deposits, finally the large headed brush was kept dry and used to buff dry the areas being worked leaving the streaking and patchy effect in the dried wash. As I said this is the first time I have used Phil's washes in this way and I am really happy with the results.


That's it for now more to follow.

Ok chaps I'm calling time on this on. I clear coated the first stage weathering ready for decals and then realised that this is the one failing of the kit in that Trumpeter either do not know how to spell or they just can't translate very well. The decals although small contained so many spelling errors I have decided not to use them and just plough on and get this build over the finish line. So a touch more weathering, flat coat on, a little detail painting of lights and mirrors then a final dusty sand colour coat on to give a operational look.

No photos here but please go to my final reveal for the finished build.

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I am so glad that Christian asked for the build sequence pictures. I learned a load of stuff just looking at your images. well done, very nice all round. I hope we see more and more of your work. very much appreciated!!

pinterest pg. of scale models/dioramas:


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Hi northboy321
Thank you very much! Fantastic photo-diary, very inspiring. Will come back to it many times (since building BTR-70). Once again - great model and great execution!


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