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Two weeks ago, on the other forum I am a member of, Flory Models, they had something called a 'Turkey Shoot.'  Basically it's a fun challenge.  Take a kit from your stash, and see if you can build it, from start to finish, in a weekend, starting first thing Friday morning and finishing Sunday night.
Considering my previous two kits had taken over three weeks, I thought the idea that I could build one in three days was crazy, but as they say, it's the taking part that counts!  Besides, it wasn't a competition, just something for fun.
So this was my own entry.  I didn't even have a full weekend, as I couldn't start till almost lunchtime on Friday, and Saturdays I always have lunch with my elderly father.  Still, here is my build thread, exactly as it appeared on Flory.  Bear in mind that we were updating our threads every few hours, rather than days or even weeks between posts!

After the rather stressful build of the Corsair, I wanted something simple and relaxing next.  I had already chosen the Tamiya 1/48 Dewoitine D.520 anyway, but having decided to have a bash at the turkey shoot, it looked simple enough to, perhaps, be done in a weekend, or maybe a little over that.  Famous last words!

Still, can’t get more simple than this.  Two main runners, plus a clear one.  Parts are up to the usual Tamiya standard, being flash free and sharp.  Panel line is good, though there is very little rivet detail.

  20181121_163727.jpg  20181121_163801.jpg  20181121_163917.jpg 

Decals are okay, but the red on the national markings is way to dark, being more of a burgundy.  I have ordered some aftermarket ones, so I hope they arrive in time!


Instructions are easy enough, being one bi-folded sheet, unlike the multi-page volumes of the last two builds.


Aftermarket goodies are Aries resin cockpit set, wheels and wheel masks, Eduard canopy mask and Quickboost resin exhaust manifolds.

Right, better get building!


So, the story so far.  I haven’t posted any progress reports so far because I wanted to wait till I had something to show.  However, I feel like, though I’ve been busting a gut all day, there isn’t much yet to show for it.  This was compounded by using the resin cockpit set.  I had already bought it last week, in anticipation of doing this kit, before any mention was made of the turkey shoot, and since the kit itself was simple enough I thought I’d throw my hat in the ring and go ahead as I had already planned.  But the resin set has presented me with a few headaches.

But enough of the excuses!!


First of all, prior planning prevents poor performance!  Ref shots and instructions primed and ready!


Just as I started, Mr Postman brought me my aftermarket decals from Berma decals.


Bloody French, couldn’t use common or garden variety of interior green!  Oh no, they had to use some fancy blue paint!  Still, Vallejo 71.313 dark Mediterranean blue is a pretty good match.

  0dlk2x3b-900.jpg  D520_B.png46454806-76b2-414f-a6ba-d888308f8eb6Original.jpg 

Next I had to mix up some paints.  Vallejo don’t seem to do any French matches in their air range, but Tamiya gives instructions on how to mix some of their own, to get the right colours.  Again, I had ordered these in advance, so it was just a matter of mixing them to the correct ratio.  Quick tip: if you run out of pipettes, and can’t wait to order some online, Boots the chemist, or any pharmacy, can sell you some disposable syringes, £0.50 each.

  20181123_110604.jpg  20181123_115050.jpg 

In order to fit the resin cockpit I had to grind out the kits own raised cockpit detail.  Pity, because it wasn’t too bad, though naturally no comparison to the resin one.


Most of the rest of the day was spent painting, p.e.-ing, detailing and cutting the huge resin plugs of all the parts.  I must have hoovered up the resin dust three times so far.  God knows what the neighbour thinks.


I didn’t bother too much with weathering, just a dry brushing with Citadel dry Necron.

Everything was going well.  I knew I would probably spend the whole day just on the cockpit, then build the rest tomorrow afternoon after visiting my old chap.  Then I tried to dry fit the cockpit, only to find THIS little sucker is too damn fat, by a long chalk, to fit inside the fuselage.  No matter how I twisted it and turned it, I can see no way of making it fit, short of a mahoosive amount of grinding.


So, that’s as far as I have got.  Feeling a bit peeved, given the work I have done without much visible progress, especially as I think the only way forward is to ditch the resin floor section, but keep those bottles and tank somehow, and use the kit floor, together with the resin cockpit sides.  I’m having a break, though I’ll probably be back at it at the crack of sparrow-fart tomorrow!

Woke up at 3.35am, and couldn’t get back off to sleep.  Not really the kits fault, I have long suffered with insomnia, but still, worrying about that cockpit didn’t help.  So anyways, instead of just tossing and turning, I ploughed back into it.

Using the kit’s own cockpit floor, I married up the resin instrument panel and seat to it.  That thing that looks like an old Victorian carriage lamp is actually the gunsight!  Quirky French!


Not sure I would want to fly the real one, the pilot’s seat is more of a camping chair!


Bit of dry brushing under the pilot’s feet and I think it’s good to go.


After a LOT of dry fitting, filing, trimming and hacking, I managed to get the cockpit in place.  I had to trim both the sides and find a way to temporarily attach the resin backrest, the one with the scallops for the side windows, in in its location to precisely align the sides, since they had to be superglued in place.  Once they were in, and after a lot more dry fitting, I permanently glued the floor in place.


And back on track!


Oh dear, this won’t do at all.  Tamiya may think these are acceptable as gun ports, but to me they look like exactly what they are; ugly, misshapen holes.


Fortunately, I have in my scratch-build box something I picked up from my local hobby shop for just such an occasion!


That’s better!  Lick of paint and she’ll pass.


Off to my old chap’s for lunch and a chin-wag now.  Back by late afternoon.

Not so much a work station, more like the wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald!  I know I can get a bit untidy sometimes when I’m in the zone, but never this bad.  I have so many mini-projects all on the go at the same time, where normally I just concentrate on one or two, and have frequent tea breaks while I’m waiting for something to dry/set.


Still, hopefully I’ll have the major components together before long, and with a bit of luck I’ll have her primed before going to bed, ready for paint tomorrow.

Wings going on, canopy masked, and undercarriage painted.


Aaand… there it is, the first major fit issue with the kit.  This I didn’t need.  The filling and sanding will take the rest of the evening, meaning I can’t primer it till tomorrow. 


Maybe I could have avoided it with more dry fitting, but I’m dog tired now, so mistakes will happen.

Bugger, bum, blast.

Managed to fill that issue, though I admit it could really do with a bit more fine fettling to get rid of some of the scratches, but it’s all on the underside, so not too visible.

The bulk of the assembly is now done, ready for priming.  Would have liked to have got it done tonight, but I don’t want to fire the compressor up this late, out of deference to the neighbour.  My workshop is the small bedroom, next to his small bedroom.  I wonder, can I prime, paint and decal, all in one day?!

Up at 5.00am this morning, no chance of dropping back off, so did some more fettling.  Masked off the cockpit area, wiped everything down with a damp cloth and got everything ready for spraying.  Still too early to bother the neighbour with the compressor, so nothing to do now but wait till the sun rises above the rooftops.


Managed to get her primed without too much drama, bearing in mind this is only the third build I have done using an airbrush.  My tongue is always stuck to the roof of my mouth whenever I pick the airbrush up!  Even did a bit of pre-shading, though I think most of it will be lost under the three-tone camo upper surface.


Underside painted, first time with Tamiya paint.  Doesn’t seem too bad.


What is going to kill the time today is all the waiting between coats for drying.

Time to lay down some camo.

First colour.


Making sausages with Panzer Putty.  Who remembers doing this with plasticine as a kid?!


Second colour.


Third colour!


Then came the moment of truth, the big reveal.  Don’t mind telling you I was bricking it at this moment.

All together though, not too bad, for my first attempt at a French tri-colour scheme.


I do have some peculiar bleed-through, though, and I’m not sure how it happened.  If you look, there’s like a colour ‘ghost’ round some of the edges.  I didn’t strip and replace the putty, just added more where I needed it.  It sort of lets the thing down, but not horribly.  I can always blame the French aircraft painters!

  20181125_154440.jpg  20181125_154447.jpg 

A couple of coats of Klear, and then I can move on to the decaling after lunch.


I must admit, I do rather like Tamiya paints, and so, it seems, does my airbrush, especially as it wasn’t till I finished the last colour that I realised I hadn’t been thinning them, but was spraying them neat.

AAARGH!  Every horror story I have heard about Tamiya decals are true.  Most either cracked or disintegrated completely, meaning I had to use more of the aftermarket ones than I had planned.  Even then, both sets, Tamiya and Berma, resisted all attempts to set them down, just thumbing their nose at the Mr Mark Softener. 

If I had had more time, like a couple of days, to keep applying and re-applying the softener, or even X20A, it may have gone better, but as it is I just hit it all with another coat of Klear.  The result is that my decals look just like, well, decals.

  20181125_194850.jpg  20181125_194901.jpg 

Still, just need to let this coat of Klear dry, then I can do a bit of weathering, then add the last bits and bobs.


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And yes, I did it!  Posted the final reveal shots at just after 23.30 Sunday evening!
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