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Earlier today I posted my build thread from the Flory Models weekend turkey shoot challenge, that is can you build a full kit, from start to finish, in a weekend, starting Friday morning?  I succeeded, but I admit the quality is pretty crap.  In fact, at some point in the future I may strip the paint and decals off, and re-do it all.  Still, here are the completed shots, together with my post, just as it appeared on Flory's.

1/48 Tamiya Dewoitine D.520.

Aries resin cockpit set,

Aries resin wheels,

Eduard canopy mask,

Quickboost resin exhaust manifolds,

Berma decals.

Coffee used, Nescafe Gold Blend.

Hours slept since Friday, single figures.



When I first threw my hat into the ring, and entered the turkey shoot, I never really expected to manage it.  I mean, both my previous two builds took over three weeks.  To build a kit in three days?  Crazy!  But, here I am, across the finish line, with a few minutes to spare.  Granted, it’s not my finest work, not by a long chalk, and how the rest of you guys turned out such fabulous builds in so short a time is amazing.  But, here she is, after fit issues with aftermarket cockpits, crap decals and other stuff.  I don’t think I’ll be building another kit for a couple of days, and this time I’ll take my time, and next turkey shoot I will NOT use any aftermarket stuff, and it WON’T be a Tamiya!

I’m off to bed, wake me in the new year!




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