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I Initially posted this in the reveals section whoops, but anyway here is the story so far. I wanted to mess about with the hairspray weathering thing and when looking for a subject I came across the jaguar in Hobbycraft (limited selection). As gulf war aircraft had a temporary paint finish they seemed to get tatty very quickly....ideal.

the build went a little slower than I would have liked as there was a fair amount of filler needed and plenty of sanding. it wasn't tricky just time consuming.

I decided to spray the full Western Europe camouflage on first so it would ghost through the desert pink, also the right colour would show through at the worn patches. This I did freehand so it isn't 100% perfect.

then a couple of coats of hairspray and my own mix of desert pink sprayed a little thinner on the upper surfaces so the camouflage shows through a bit, followed by panels being highlighted by a lighter shade where appropriate.
I then went to town with a stiff paintbrush and some water to distress the finish

and finally this is where I'm at so far I've given the panel lines a wash, added some streaks and put a coat of matt varnish over her. I know it looks a little OTT but all in all I'm relatively happy with it so far.

just as a footnote I lost a wheel and tried something quick to get me out of a hole( I've subsequently ordered a resin set but I may keep them for another Day and use my emergency homemade one anyway.

first I made an impression of the wheel from one of the remaining ones in bluetack.

Wetting the wheel first seems to help release it. I coated the cavity in the bluetack with two coats of Klear then I mixed Squadron white putty  with some liquid poly (it was an old tube and a bit stiff you may get away with using it straight from the tube if its new) anyway I had it to a consistency of toothpaste and packed it in the mold.

after 24 hours the bluetack was peeled away and I have a rough cast of the missing wheel. Its not perfect but I reckon with a coat of mr surfacer and a quick rubdown I could get away with having it as an inside wheel where it is less noticeable. just thought I would mention it in case anyone else has lost a bit and fancies giving it a go. If I had to do it again I think I would probably paint mr surfacer in the mold after the klear then put the filler on top of that, I'm sure that would give a superior finish.



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what great work! the tip for the wheel replacement is awesome!Thanks!

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