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Hey everyone. I'll be starting a 1/32 North Korean Mig-15bis build soon and plan on having an NMF finish on it. I would like to use Alclad 2 paints as I think it will obviously look nice for such a large model. The plan is to prime the aircraft with Mr Surfacer 1000. Sand it smooth with 2000 sandpaper. Paint a couple of panels different colour (rust red, matte black, gloss black, etc) to provide some fine shade differences (I don't want a weathered look) and a couple of polished panels (air brakes for examples look shiny on Mig-15's). No varnish coat as Alclad claim they don't require it otherwise the metal look is ruined. Decal it (only 6 decals haha) and then a basic sludge wash to highlight panel lines and rivets.

Looking at many model photos online, I find that Alclad aluminium ALC-101 is too silvery. This may be applicable to US built aircraft where I believe the sheet metal was plated and then polished. The Mig aircraft have a lot more natural alclad colour, not polished and not silvery in colour. The shininess mainly comes from a coat of varnish that's applied at manufacturing and that wore off quickly, giving the aircraft a more semi-gloss look to it with this natural alclad material colour. Looking at museum exhibits, some have the varnish put back on it, others not so

So is there anyone out there with enough Alclad 2 or NMF experience to recommend which colour I should use or how I should finish the paint work to give the typical Mig NMF? Im currently living in Singapore where model supplies is very limited. Really, only the complete range of Vallejo and Mr Hobby is available here (some AK stuff and Tamiya stuff available). I always use Mr Hobby Aqueous. Love it. I love the Mr Metal Colour but it would be just too messy for a complete paint job. Its excellent for small things like exhaust, engines, etc.

I will either have to ship Alclad 2 in which is $30 a bottle and 2 months sea freight. So don't want to invest in too much of this. Surrounding countries do sell it locally so on my business travels I could buy it for $20, cross my fingers and hope its not detected in my check in luggage and then get spanked by local security for banned luggage items.

Anyway, enough blabbing.

Thanks, Daniel.

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