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 Alclad II Aluminum frustrations
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Hello Gentlemen,

I am having issues airbrushing Alclad II Aluminum. I used the smooth side of a CD as my practice surface. I sprayed Alclad II Aluminum and noticed that I got a textured finish, this did not happen when I used Alclad II Chrome. I started researching this issue online and someone suggested that I thin the Alclad II Aluminum with lacquer. I tried different ratios as follows:

1. 1 part thinner to 1 part Alclad II Aluminum.
2. 2 part thinner to 1 part Alclad II Aluminum.
2. 3 part thinner to 1 part Alclad II Aluminum.

Although there was an improvement, I still got a textured finish. I had the pressure on my compressor set to < 20 PSI. Someone else that I talked to online suggested that I set my air pressure to 10 - 12 PSI 15 tops!

I also read online that there could be a chance that the batch might be bad and you can test this by putting a small amount on your index finger and thumb and start rubbing. If your two fingers start to stick, then you have a bad batch and that it what happened to me. I contacted Alclad and they said that this could be a result of the bottle not being tightened enough. Please note that I tried the same test with Alclad II Chrome and it dried up and never got sticky.

As a next test, I will set my pressure to around 10 - 12 PSI. and thin is to 3 part thinner to 1 part Alclad II Aluminum.

I also bought a new bottle of Alclad II Aluminum.

Has anyone else experience this same problem?

Thank you



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Hello Gary, and welcome to this forum.

I use a lot the Alclad2 range of natural metal paints a luckily everything always went top-notch.

There is a fundamental difference between the "Aluminum" and the "Chrome" :"chrome" has a very shiny finish and cannot stand masking, fingers and other external "miss-treatments". The "Aluminum" can stand finger-prints and water-based varnishes like Alclad's "aqua-gloss" (ALC-600).

Normally you should not have to thin the paint, it's made specially for airbrush. I just made the test you are talking about between my fingers : dried. The first bottle you bought is maybe -and i quote from a "distorted" batch.

Only advise i can give, is first to put 2 stainless steel 6mm balls in the bottles and shake them intensively till all the particles are well mixed with the medium. The "aluminum" (ALC-101) has "bigger" and rougher metal particles than the "chrome" (ALC-107)...

And yes, perfect air pressure range is 12 to 15 psi, 10cm from the model with a 0,4mm AB needle.

My 2 cents [wink]

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Hi Gary,
no real problem but you have posted this thread in the "quick tips" section. I am not experienced with Alclad but I know that two things can cause a rough finish. Too much thinner and the paint dries in the air before it hits the model or dries on the model before it has time to level out naturally. given that metal paints usually dry quickly anyway, you may have too much thinner. you could try it neat--no thinner. IN addition, if you are holding the AB too far from the model, the paint will dry in the air and it can come out chalky dry and rough on the model.My suggestion: use it neat, keep the PSI lower as you planned, and hold your AB closer to the model. of course, try this on a piece of scrap styrene or sprue before you go to the model..good luck!


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