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Leading Aircraftman
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Hey All,

I am a returning modeller but have never really done much perviously. I am looking at doing my airfix 1:24 typhoon which i purchased back when i was modelling. I have also just brought a airfix 1:24 Hellcat to complete at a later date.

I have a airbrush and compressor and most tools and equipment just not sure what sort of kits to get to make the builds more realistic. I am looking at photo-etched parts and seat belts. But not sure where to look and what the best stuff is.

I am going to be building some different models to get back at it before attempting the two 1:24 models i have.

Also if any one knows good paints to use or can recommend any at the moment i only use a mixture between Humbrol and Tamiya.

Any advice will be greatly appreciated!

I am subscribed to Genesis models and currently watching through some of the step to step videos trying to learn as much as can along the way.

Thanks, Luke

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hey Luke, welcome to Genessis.  That's quite a broad question you're asking!  In my experience you can't go far wrong with any of the Eduard aftermarket sets.  They're readily available from all good on-line model stores and also on eBay.  p.e. can be a great enhancement for any kit, but it can be fiddly to use, so don't feel you have to use every last scrap in a set.  I buy a set for most kits I build, but when it comes to their microscopic throttle levers, well, no!  Paints is one of those things that one man's meat is another man's poison.  I've used Vallejo paints on most of my kits, along with Tamiya, but I'm about to try Hataka Lacquers for the first time, as I've heard nothing but high praise for them.  You are sensible to start a few smaller scale kits before trying one of those 1/24 kits, it's good to break yourself in easy. Tamiya and Eduard make some great kits, and the latest ICM are brilliant for fit and detail.  Hope this is all of some help.


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Hi Luke


I totally agree with all the good advise "kit" has already put.

I mainly build 1/48 scale aircraft. I'm not one for leaving the canopy open and so you can't see all the detail in the cockpit, but having said that, I always put Eduard seat belts in and on some occasions I replace the instrument panels with Eduard coloured etched brass ones. However, I would say just be a little mindful of throwing too much etched brass at a model. My reasoning being that in some cases you might be sanding off some good 3 dimensional moulded in detail just to replace it with 2 dimensional etched brass. If you are not happy or confident in hand painting these details or even some of these, then go for the coloured etch sets, but as "kit" says don't feel that you have to use all of it. I find the Eduard "Zoom" sets are usually enough for me, even then I don't use all that is included.

At the end of the day, it's your model, how far you want to go with detailing is up you, don't feel you have to throw aftermarket stuff at a model just because it's available or because you have seen somebody else do it. 

If I am building a jet, which is not very often, I usually put an aftermarket resin ejection seat in, as in general the seats are quite visible and are usually far more detailed than the kit offering.


With regards to paint, again totally agree with "kit", some people love some paints whereas others don't like them. I am probably one of the worlds worst for trying out new paints. However, one of my personal favourites is the Gunze range, particularly the Mr Hobby Aqueous ones. When thinned with their 400 Self levelling thinners I find them so forgiving. Now I know a few people don't get on with them, but personally I have never had a problem with them. They have allowed me to experiment a bit more with my airbrushing and hopefully improve my skills.

The new Hataka Orange label and the Tamiya laquer ranges do spray rather nicely and I find the 400 self levelling thinners also works well with them.

I would say, try and avoid Xtracrylix paints, which are a water based acrylic. I have tried so many different thinners with them over the years, but still get them drying on the airbrush tip. I find them hard work. In the past I have painted models with them, but always with a bit of a struggle. I recently airbrushed a model with them. I was very pleased with the result and was happy that I had got them to work for me, but only to have them flake off when I tried to mask them. Shame, because I really though that I had finally beaten them into submission. I would hate to think you became disillusioned with a model or the hobby purely because of a paint.

By the way, I find that even enamels like Humbrol, Xtracolors and White Ensign Colourcoats can be thinned with 400 Levelling thinners.

I always prime my models, again I have tried a few primers, but now, I only use AK Grey primer. Unfortunately, fairly recently I have heard a few people have had issues with it. Personally, I have never had any problems with it, but then, I haven't bought any recently and perhaps something has been changed in the formula which in turn is causing these problems. I'm sure I will find out when I purchase my next bottle.

Sorry, if I have waffled a bit, but hopefully I haven't confused you too much.

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I think you have a reasonable plan. Watching the step by step builds on here is a definite YES. That is how I got my first steps back into modeling after being away. Don't push yourself too hard. Practice practice practice before you go to the big kits. BEST WISHES!

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