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 Carrier Aircraft
 Yes 26 76%
 No 8 23%
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Hello Pete,

The SBD sounds very good as well as the Lynx. [smile]

Originally Posted by Brundledonk
This group build is right up my street and I have 3 models in the stash that would fit the bill Academy 1/32 f/a-18 Trumpeter SBD dauntless And a Revell 1/32 navy Lynx And I do have a soft spot for large scale carrier decks too ! But alas I just don't have the free time at the moment and the work I'm doing in the house is taking its toll on my hands, so I don't think they are up to fine scale work at the moment lol. But at least my number one son is going to carry the torch for me this time round and I wonder what apparition will appear for him out of the cloud of alclad during the build lol Pete

I'm also looking for a 1:32 for the GB. Can't resist, even if the 48 F6F is a cool project.

A question though : was the P47 "razorback" a carrier based aircraft, or do i have to consider the SBD too ? [wink] Would be fun to build the same bird. What do you think ?


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Hi Laurent,

I don't think that the P-47 was "carrier based" as such, but I did find out that they took off from a carrier that was transporting a load of them (they had been loaded onto the deck by crane) the problem is that they are unable to land on the carrier (no arrestor hook) and I'm not sure if the undercarriage would survive the landing as it wasn't designed for that

I have an HK models 1/32 b-25j in my stash that I thought might be able to be built as one of the planes from the "Doolittle" raid, but after doing a bit of research I found out that. The differences between the the kit and the actual planes used are just too much to be able to make work (not impossible, just a heck of a lot of work)

Yeah 1/32 is a great scale for aircraft models (if maybe a tad large lol !)

Unfortunately I don't think I will be able to participate in the group build this time, but if I was I think I would go with the Big f/a-18 as I really enjoy building jets and also have some aftermarket detail sets for it in the box.

The Trumpeter Dauntless is a really nice kit though and it has a ton of detail right out of the box, it's definitely one of Trumpeters best kits and after seeing the great job you did in the WW2 group build with the Atrumpeter Avenger , I would love to see you tackle the Dauntless too

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