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My first AB was the Veda 180. It worked great through several projects. I sprayed all kinds of paint and finishes and primers, etc with no problem. THEN, my trigger began to stick in the down position. I could still use it, but when I pushed the trigger forward to cut off the paint, I had a continuous flow of air---NOT a problem at first since you want the air to help dry the product you just sprayed on. But in order to STOP the air flow I had to pull the trigger "up" with my fingers. Annoying.

When I bought my second AB I simply cleaned the Veda and more or less laid it aside. What a waste! I tried lubrication and other solutions, but nothing seemed to work. Then it hit me. I probably needed new gaskets [O RINGS]? I went online and ordered a set of O RINGS made for the Veda 180. It wasn't until today that I finally changed them out. WOW, I have a like NEW AB!!

I was dreading the gasket change so much I had put it off forever. It was actually pretty easy. ALL the O RINGS I changed out---all of them except the one where you adjust the trigger travel forward and backwards at the very back end of the Veda 180---were ragged [cut? by over-tightening ?] or broken. I will order another set for the VEDA 180 soon and keep them on hand. I also plan to order a set of gaskets for my Evolution. Just makes sense.


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