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These images [445 total] are the scale model entries to the Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA

ModelCON, January 2016. The show is put together by the Chattanooga Scale Modelers Club--same location as above. Not pictured where thousands of square feet of vendor space packed with......Vendors!

Models in the show ranged from Junior builders to nationally ranked master modelers. There were entries from figures to cars to military vehicles and airplanes as well as Sci-fi, dioramas, lighted models, fantasy figures, real space, etc., etc.

I especially enjoyed the 1/32 Scale "Hustler"---metal colors. The scale modeler built that from a VACUFORM kit! He told me he spent about a year on it. He also built the "Blackbird" and told us it was a "Pursuit" version--news to me of course. He had one other build in the show. It was a cold war era [?] jet sitting on a ground based catapult launcher. The Jet was a kit, but the launcher is a total SCRATCH BUILD by the modeler.

Several kits were lighted very well. In the auto section there was a box that had a 2 story diorama built into it. Upstairs was the workshop/garage of a "Father" who owned and operated a racing business. Downstairs is a representation of his "son" working in a garage and learning to take over the dad's business in the years to come. Real family, real story. fascinating.

A great diorama was a Tank sunken underwater with divers all around and a raft on the surface of the water. the display was a large Plexiglas cube with the water surface/raft on top---OUTSTANDING!

Hope you enjoy--wish you could have been there.


pinterest pg. of scale models/dioramas:

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