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Hi guys ... Previously i suggested various GB's based around Conflicts in the Middle East, for Example Dessert Storm.

After speaking with Choppa Nutta, we thought it would be better to widen the scope and suggest Conflicts in the Middles East instead.

So Any Armour, Aircraft, or Ship?  in any scale that was used in any conflict in the Middle East (Including Afghanistan!) 

Some that interest myself are the ones i previously suggested, ... but you have others like the Soviet Invasion of Afganistan... or Yom Kippur Air war or even going back to WW2 ? if you guys want to take that far back ? 

Like i've said before il join in any of the group build so its just a matter of finding one with the most Interest ...

So far it seems to be Carrier Aircraft, Sci Fi and Vietnam, id personally love to just do all of them 

Glasgow, Scotland


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