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I have been looking at AM PE and resin for my current build, the Tamiya 1/35 Sturmtiger mortar

I can find all the pages and parts and pictures, but hitting brick walls when it comes to actually placing orders.

I'm getting a bit stymied right now because I cannot get the Eduard site to take the "format" of my phone number no matter how I type it! I sent their support link an email. How many ways can you type a phone number? must be a special European block style? funny thing is that I have ordered from them several times before [but never established an account that I can find] without any problems.

In addition, the Voyager models site has no "order" page or shopping cart that I can find? I did a search for their page several times and I can find the AM parts page for the sturmtiger mortar, but no way to order them? I sent them an email also--no reply yet.

AFV model club has a lot of AM for the sturmtiger also--you can see the parts, but when you click on "English", the page goes blank and you get an "error" message if you try to reload the images. same thing goes for their order page details. [steam coming from ears]

Is it possible I need to switch browsers? I use Mozilla Firefox. I will try MSN.
nope, same results with MSN, internet explorer for these sites.

Last update: Just saved myself ALL the frustration and went to EBAY, bought what I needed, saved a small fortune on shipping. Original parts, brand new, confirmation images and catalog numbers all match!

NOTE: I received a prompt, professional, and courteous reply from Eduard [of course]. the format is to string the numbers, nothing else. xxxxxxxxxx. I have not gotten any response from voyager models or AFV model club. The AM I ordered is made by all 3 companies and sold by EBAY sellers, but Eduard was the one that replied to my email.

05/01/14: still no reply to emails sent to Voyager Models or AFV model club


pinterest pg. of scale models/dioramas:

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