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 Dogfight Doubles
 Yes 9 90%
 No 1 10%
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Choppa Nutta

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Dogfight Doubles and Brothers in Arms,

A multiple model aircraft build depicting at least two aircraft that
were engaged in combat together, either as friends or foe.

From in flight displays showing Douglas Bader and his wingman to a dog
fight in action with smoke effects or strafing runs of destroying aircraft
on the ground or bombers fending off a fighter or even maybe the Navy
coast guard pursuing the drug cartel in a Cessna, or perhaps weary
veterans resting in museum condition if you don't fancy doing a diorama,
or an enemy plane being chivalrously escorted due to excess damage.
Perhaps Tie Fighter V an X Wing or Vipers V Cylons...

Where ever your imagination takes you [smile]

Any upgrades, scale, era etc. except that all the models should be of the same scale [thumb]
Browny points for historical accuracy and a back story ? [smile]

"A Gentleman's War" by Geoff Nutkins:

Geoff's painting depicts Luftwaffe ace Hauptmann Rolf Pingel
of I./JG26 falling victim to the guns of Pilot Officer Bob Doe of
No.234 Squadron off the south coast of England during the
Battle of Britain. Doe allowed Pingel to ditch his crippled
Me109 in the English Channel, from where he was
eventually picked up by an E-Boat.


May The Farce Be With You !
Paul... [tongue]


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Pretty cool idea... i like it 
Glasgow, Scotland


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