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Senior Aircraftman
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Im trying to desgin a building at 1:25 scale for my dukes dio for the police car crashing through the roof I need to know how to get the rough measurements in millmeters its going to be a barn and hope someone can help

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Air Commodore
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I SERIOUSLY hope I don't muck this up for you. its kind of a complex calculation based on "averages" when thinking about animal barns.

Now, "average" height of a one story home is 8' plus the foundation--say 2' which would give you 10'.

BUT...Barns frequently do not have a foundation? and inside they have more than an 8'  'ceiling height'. Lets say that the average barn has a ceiling height of 10' and then the "loft" or second story where they store hay for the animals. Then you could assume a 10' height from floor [ground] to the loft level? just a guess from seeing my Aunt and Uncles barns years ago. Add to that a standard pitched roof, which would add another 7' at the apex [ridge-line] of the roof. UNLESS it is a "barn roof" that has two pitches and rises another "story" [10'] +7' for the top pitch. See how complicated a barn can be???

SO......a barn with ground to loft of 10', + 10' for the loft and first roof pitch + a second roof pitch of 7' = a building height of 27'

Find a free conversion engine on the internet that will do the conversions for you?

27 ft = 324 inches = 8229.6 MM, but that is in 1/1 scale

Here is how I used the engine to find the MM in 1/25 scale:

I plugged in 324" in 1/1 scale to MM in 1/25 scale and it = 329.2 MM

If you plug in 324" in 1/1 scale to IN in 1/25 scale it = 12.96 "

I think that 12.96 [or rounded to 13"] is a reasonable total height for a "barn roof" building in 1/25 scale??

I suggest mocking it up with pieces of cardboard [cheap and free] to see how it looks along side the 1/25 car?

the footprint of the barn [width X length] is something you will have to work out for yourself depending on what looks right in the overall diorama.
once you get the height settled, the other measurements should be relatively easy to size out by sight?

IMHO, you might come out better to depict a one story "shed"??  17' high [one story with a standard house pitched roof]. maybe a footprint of 20' W X 30' L ???  or, maybe a 8' ground floor with a 10' double pitch roof? to keep the Barn appearance?

at any rate, you can use the conversion engine to figure each section of whichever structure you decide on.

Here are  some animal barn images to help confuse you--lol:


pinterest pg. of scale models/dioramas:


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Flight Lieutenant
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This would be great to see the build process / steps.
And well done Ted that's some serious calcs and iquality nfo mate.

Jas.......... The Scratchbuilder


Senior Aircraftman
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Hi there Yes it's Graham1970 and I will be doing this Dio this winter was wondering if I could use balsa strips for the Skelton of the barn and corrugated cardboard for the roof 🤔
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