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After taking almost a two year hiatus from the hobby, I thought I might ease back into the swing of things with a nice easy Eduard kit. Boy was I wrong!!

I was utterly shocked by the onslaught of fitting issues with Eduard’s 1:48 BF110. I’m taking the blame on a few minor errors but fitting issue on this kit and particularly the cowlings were terrible. I’ve managed to patch, repair, scratch, putty and sand out most the major problems and got it back to a respectable level. Though it took a week (and more) of sanding and filling to get there. I finally got this beautiful designed aircraft of German engineering into the paint booth and now just starting on with the decals.

Even though this kit has set me back a few days, I still love the trials and tribulations that comes along. It gives me the opportunity to practice and apply my problem solving abilities, even tap into my creative side too. Overall making me a better builder. But geez....I wanted to ease back into things. The modelling gods threw me right back into the fire without any remorse. Nothing like knocking off the rust with “THE KIT FROM HELL”.

However, as I almost gave up on the whole kit after the issuesit. I’m glad I stuck it out. She may turn out ok after all, so it does pay to be persistent, dedicated, patient and even a little crazy. Though Eduard should be ashamed of themselves. They’d always treated me well in the past

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Scott Abe
Lead Screw Up Artist at Out of the Box Fine Scale Modeling


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First of all, welcome to the forum, Scott, nice to have you along.  Next, I have this kit in my stash, and now I have trepidations!  Eduard usually have a good reputation, so why you have had these problems is strange.  Though, having said that, I've only built one Eduard kit so far, so maybe I've been lucky?  By the way, if you click on the little box with the tree in it at the top of your post you can upload your images direct to the forum, rather than having little icons for us to press.  Makes life easier for everyone!
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