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I'm rather new in the hobby (use to do some modelling when a teeanager, ages ago but this is my second recent built).

I bought the Eduard Spitfire MK VIII + the resin cockpit + the resin engine.

I see the engine resit kit also contains cowls. Can these be installed without being glued so they can be removed to show the engine ? The instructions do not even mention these parts.

(This probably applies to the MK IX kit).

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As I am returning to the hobby after 46 years away, I may not be the best one to answer this question but here are some considerations:

usually but not always--the aftermarket kit [your resin engine per example] should show in the instructions with the RESIN/PE kit which model kit parts to leave off, cut/sand away, replace, etc. it depends on the aftermarket kit manufacturer. I have had some after market RESIN and PE kits with horrible instructions. As far as I know, Eduard/Brassin and a few others are top shelf. As for on and off cowls, doors, hatches, access panels, its often left up to the modelers to engineer their own means to a view.

1. Leave the cowls OFF to let the RESIN engine be seen

2. build the kit with the kit engine installed and cowls on, then build the resin engine and have it as a side display on a simple stand?

3. My local hobby shop sells all kinds of small ceramic magnets that are used to hold pieces in place on models till you simply pull them away to show interior work.

4. after looking at the resin engine/cowling kit here:
maybe you might consider placing the top and bottom cowl/fuselage parts and leaving the side panels off?

that is a premium kit and aftermarket you have rounded up!

some of the other modelers here may offer much better ideas.
Best wishes and congrats on returning to a great hobby!


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If you have a highly detailed resin engine then you should show it off, and leave the cowls off.
In most cases you are likely to further improve the engine with additional wiring it's definitely cowls off.

It really depends on how you want to display the model.

I believe the new Tamiya 1/32 Mosquito kit has cowels with small earth magnets so that they can be covered quite easily.
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