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I recently ordered and received a Quickboost Aries 1/48 Ejection seat for an Academy 1/48 MIG29A Fulcrum. I did not get the full cockpit/seat/electronics bay or one of the other Ejection seats available.This resin kit was $6.99US and included postage.This is the best image I could get [my DSLR is still in the shop] without a proper MACRO lens. Used a borrowed pocket camera.
I always love getting these packages in the mail but when I took a good look at the layers of harness and belts, I wilted in my shoes.

I guess I wasn't looking at a good closeup of what I ordered? or maybe it was a tight MACRO that made me think I could paint it with a house brush? LOL.
Actually, when I went back and looked at the AD, no excuse for me. I'm convicted:

So I am thinking?:
A. overall base color and then paint the top belts that are easiest to get to? closed canopy
B. try to paint ALL the harness and belts? closed canopy
C. screw it all and drop in a pilot? closed canopy? chicken technique?
D. dry brush very carefully and close the canopy?
E. paint the inside of the canopy black and close it....kidding
F. Order a different resin AM kit? suggest?____________
G. other ideas?__________________________

This is the AF resin I should have ordered? yep! I could paint my Resin seat above like this one pictured below BUT, the strapping and belts are completely different--pulling hair.

MAYBE one of these?

Maybe this could be adapted to my Academy kit ?, enhancing the OOB seat with PE and other interior parts?

I saved the PREMIUM AM kit for last. never saw this AD till after everything was a done deal!  Maybe the $27US price tag for an AM kit when I paid $7.50US for
the MIG kit would have been too much even if I had seen this AD in the beginning? All I know is that NOW I want it! My piggy bank just ran under the bed.

OR....I could have saved my $$$ and went here:




pinterest pg. of scale models/dioramas:

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