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Flight Lieutenant
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Some great pics there Bobby, really must pop down to the studio and check it out.
Think Pete (Brundledonk) can relate with your builds at the min. Lol

Jas.......... The Scratchbuilder


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Air Commodore
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WOW--very nice indeed--professional all the way. I am proud for you and of you for your dedication and growth in terms of what you are giving to the hobby of scale modeling and all of us modelers "out here"....

pinterest pg. of scale models/dioramas:

Choppa Nutta

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Hey Bobby,
I've been sitting on this idea for a while now but I always thought your gaming room
looks very stark and lacking in atmosphere.

Having done some work in theaters with set building and design etc. a few quick and
dirty tricks could be used to liven up this room which would be nice seeing as it looks
like it is going to be the main social area and all that.

Not sure how latitude you have to decorate the place but I can imagine as long as it
aint anything structural your land lord would be OK, hopefully [smile]

[pic 011] 

Here is an example of a set I did where I built the stove from scrap wood and the
walls and floor are simply textures painted on using a ragging technique with 3
different colours ( a bit like the chipping effect where dab with a torn off bit of sponge )

It's a relatively quick and easy and quite effective at getting a nice stony
texture then it's black for the outlines with white for the highlights.


So anyway, I slapped together a wee mockup in photoshop of what your
"Dungeon" could look like... if you also paint a wood texture onto the doors
and frames and skirting boards and ceiling etc.

add some oldy lanterns of some kind, any kind, and maybe some wood
shelves that go all the way around the room above the height of the
doors so they don't impact upon precious floor space, age them up maybe ....
and Voile' !
The effect is complete [biggrin]


And when your landlord sees it you can reassure him that it is just
painted on and can easily be put back to how it was etc. [smile]

I reckon two people doing two full on days to do it, I'd be happy to
help out on this one, just in case you like the idea [smile]

Anyhow, would be interesting to hear what you think

May The Farce Be With You !
Paul... [tongue]


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Wow the first set of build photos make it look tiny but the finished result looks so much more spacious. Awesome job.

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Senior Aircraftman
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It's all looking very nice Bobby, but now you are building the Victory, you need to cut a few Gun Ports into one of the side walls and install a few 24 pounders, just to warn off any intruders. My Man Cave at the end of my garden is not quite as big as yours, but it has served me well over the past ten years and I have just re-roofed it and now need to add some decent lighting. 
Geoff [Poppy_Artwork] 

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   That is a very impressive shop, indeed!
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