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Thank you for the update on H.M.S. Victory during the November show!

Since you mentioned in your update that you didn't see a benefit in showing anymore planking, I would like to propose the following:  When planking a model ship, the easier half is the upper half.  It's straight for the most part with tapering and bending mostly at the bow.  The planking left to be done (the lower half) is the tricky half since you are going to start seeing a lot more curvature and tapering to the individual planks as they conform to the roundness of the lower hull.

I think it would be VERY beneficial to see the process of laying out the different "belts" and basically how to determine the general "flow" of the planking.  I would agree that you wouldn't want to do the whole thing on camera, but for instance the decision of when and where to insert a "stealer" or  a "drop" plank (as well as the procedure itself) would be an excellent video topic and something that is lacking on the sparse video tutorials that are currently out there.

Thanks again for the update and I'm relieved that Victory's stay on the "shelf of doom" won't be permanent.

Don Brent
Phoenix, AZ
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