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Getting ready to start my Hasegawa 1/48 scale F-15C Eagle and need a bit of help. I'm planning on using the Aires cockpit and exhausts, which are now on hand. From my kit research on 1/48 Eagles builds, the jury is out as to whether or not nose weight is needed. Most say no but I wanted to be sure. Normally I would just add the weight but joint of the nose section assembly to the fuselage has been suspect in some on line builds and cracking has occurred. So the least added weight the better. Also still researching the color of the electronics bay behind the cockpit. I've seen it painted white or the blue green metallic color ... still trying to figure out which color is correct. Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks Guys


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As for the weight, I never need some on my Eagle....

As for the BAY 5 color, depends on the era of your jet...

If it is a jet after 1990, 90% chances are that it was WHITE!!!

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Hi Peter

Like you I always add some to be sure. What about tacking the nose on with super glue and then following up with liquid poly??? This worked on my Tornado F-3 and I had a LOT of reshaping and sanding to blend that one in!!!. As for the cockpit bays Xtracolor make the metallic blue in enamel not sure if it is duplicated in their acrylic range. The Hasegawa kit in 1:72scale I built a few years back suggested a metallic colour with a mix of Gunze paints - Hasegawa usually not too bad for colour suggestions for interiors

Hope this helps

Best regards


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