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Well she's coming along slowly but surely. I've been pretty busy since we started this comp so I really haven't had the extra time to get the ball rolling. Though we have plenty of time and I was able to sit down this week and get the cockpit finished, fuselage, wings all filled and sanded where needed. Even got the engine and primer played down. Time to start thinking about pre shading.

Question: With the Hellcats deep blue color scheme. I'm toying with using a light color, even white, as my pre shading over black. Does anyone recommend one over the other for best results?

Anyhow, here's a few pics to enjoy.


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When Bob did the step by step build on the Corsair [dark blue color], he used the grey vallego primer, applied the deep blue, then mixed a medium blue with some dark blue and thinned it to AB the "bleached" areas inside the panels. His weathering may be more than you planned? If you prime or overcoat primer with white, you will probably wind up applying more dark blue to cover the lighter color. this will defeat your purpose? you might as well begin with a lighter shade of blue? I am guessing that the problem is trying to show detail in panel lines and other areas with the dark blue down, is that right?  In that case you use lighter browns and grays to do panel line washes? Here is Bobs Corsair paint work---it is several episodes long and VERY detailed.

Begins in episode 9 I believe:


pinterest pg. of scale models/dioramas:

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