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Greg Law

Senior Aircraftman
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Like a lot of people here I'm getting back to this modeling hobby after decades away from it. During that time I have been collecting kits, so have way more than I can build. At 63 I have decided it is time I got back into them to at the very least finish the one I have started. I have to accept I can't get them prefect because of my hand tremer, so I have decided to do my best and just enjoy the time. I mainly build 1/48 scale Ww2.
My current project is a Stuka Ju 87b2. After completing my current models I plan to do my Monogram 1/48 He 111h6. This is a very old kit so should be a challenge.
Must say I have enjoyed watching Bob's videos. He is doing a great service to the community.

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Air Commodore
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Hello Greg. I saw your post about the tremor problem first, but wanted to reply here also. Lots of come-backers to the hobby here on Genessis. Many have health problems of one sort or another. The tremor is especially aggravating to a model builder but you seem to be a determined fellow. As long as you enjoy what you are doing---the hobby is worth it!
Best wishes--try to stay as dry as possible


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