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RB TOOLZ restocking and new products:

PIR-135: 135 mm long PIRANHA Photo Etch Tool
PIR-195: 195 mm long PIRANHA Photo Etch Tool
PIR-300: 300 mm long PIRANHA Photo Etch Tool
RP-RC: Conical Roller Tool   

RB Production restocking and new products:

RB-T013: Universal saw holder
RB-T014: Rapid Cut saw
RB-T015: Medium saw
RB-T016: Fine saw
RB-T017: Ultra-fine saw
RB-T030: Corner rivet wheels 1
RB-T035: Corner rivet wheels 2
RB-T038: Nano Saws

Yahu Models restocking and new products:

Scale 1/32:
YMA3204:   Fiat G.50
YMA3205:   Dewoitine 520
YMA3207:   Spitfire V late
YMA3209:   Me 109 E

Scale 1/35:
YML3501:   Chevrolet C15TA

Scale 1/48:
YMA4807:   Hurricane I
YMA4811:   Fw 190A early
YMA4814:   P-40 E
YMA4818:   P-51 B/C
YMA4822:   PZL P.23 Karas
YMA4824:   PZL P.24
YMA4825:   A6M2 [Mitsubishi Green]
YMA4826:   A6M2 [Nakajima Green]
YMA4835:   Mil Mi-2

Scale 1/72:
YMA7215:   P-40 M
YMA7224:   Fw 190 A early
YMA7225:   Ju-88C-6
YMA7226:   F4U Corsair
YMA7236:   MS.406
YMA7242:   Hurricane II
YMA7248:   Spitfire I
YMA7251:   P-51 B/C
YMA7252:   P-51 D early
YMA7253:   Fiat G.50
YMA7255:   A6M2 Zero
YMA7256:   A6M3 Zero
YMA7257:   A6M5 Zero
YMA7268:   P-40 B/C
YMA7280:   RWD-8 (PWS)
YMA7281:   RWD-8 (DWL)
YMA7296:   Po-2 / U-2 LNB
YML7210:   IAR-81
YML7211:   IAR-81 bomb version

Upcoming restocking of AKAN paints and NorthStar Models (by end of October - beginning of November)




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