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I ordered an exterior PE/resin Am kit for my Tamiya Sturmtiger 1/35 build. The PE is beautiful and there are some small resin bits that I have not unpackaged yet. However, the most important part I was looking for from the AM kit--the Mortar shield and barrel. Unfortunately, the RESIN piece is too long, too large diameter,pins and knobs in the wrong places, wrong shape/size. A total fail. the only aspect that was OK was the exterior detail and the barrel rifling. The RESIN part would not work with a single Tamiya Kit part. total fail! this is the kit I ordered:

the PE 35178 is the designated AM kit upgrade for the Tamiya kit # 35177. My Tamiya kit is the 35177.

here is why the RESIN barrel/manlet does not work:

IT IS POSSIBLE that when they packed my order, they included a RESIN barrel that was intended for the AFV sturmtiger or another sturmtiger kit that is on the market.


pinterest pg. of scale models/dioramas:

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