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Junior Technician
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Hello fellow modelers,
I've been airbrushing for a year now and I'm planning to buy a new airbrush to replace my revell starterset,
I juist wanted to know what you guys think about the H&S Ultra.

Current builds:

Revell 1/48 A-10A
Kinetic 1/72 F-16I Sufa-Done
Revell 1/72 NH90TTH-Done

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Senior Aircraftman (Technician)
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Pretty nice airbrush. I have one of them. Easy to clean and good quality for the price. I bought additional 5ml collar for this. For the price I really recommended. I think you will be very happy. I have main 2years now spraying a lot and nothing broke or damaged. Go and buy one this my recommendation.
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Hi Lars
from my (very) limited experience of airbrushing, compared to my Iwata Revolution CR and PremiAir G35, and as a beginner AB, I find the Ultra very easy to use, both from a cleaning and spraying perspective, as follows:-

  1. The nozzle on the ultra is much bigger, so easier to hold and clean, as it does not need any tools to remove. I have head heard so many horror stories from users of the Iwata which is a similar design to the PremiAir, when tightening the nozzle after clean, where they have stripped the thread, and have had to send the AB back to the manufacturer to repair, which can mean downtime from spraying activities.
  2. The Ultra is so easy to clean that even my 13 year daughter can easily strip down and put back together.[wink]
  3. The Ultra is much easier to use and control - dream to use with Vallejo ModelAir.
  4. According to users of H&S airbrushes, the airbrushes are a dream to use.
  5. I got my Ultra as part of a set of ten Vallejo ModelAir Camo colours for a few more pounds than the Ultra on its own.
  6. The Iwata/PremiAir nozzle are fiddly to replace after a strip-down and clean, as there is a good chance that you could cross thread the nozzle - no problem with the Ultra as the nozzle just drops in.

I will be looking to upgrade my Ultra to an Evolution or Infinity CR, once my AB skills get much better, and you could do much worse. [biggrin]

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