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Ok so I'm sick of rattle cans, they are costing me too much and with international gift day less than 2 months away what better chance to persuade my remaining family members to get into the festive spirit and bestow a lovely compressor upon me. I heard this name bounced around and looking at the reviews I am happy.

1: is this a legitimate unit?
2: is it really any good? Are there cheaper or better similar priced units?

Plus... A POLL!

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I have been using this unit for 2 years now with no problems, gets a bit warm after log sessions but not a problem, the airbrushes are okay but you seen the difference when you get a Harder & steenbeck of Iwata, hope this helps

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Compressor would be ok, but if I were you, to consider a H&S Ultra as a beginner AB, as I have the Ultra, Iwata Revolution CR and PremiAir g35, and my favorite is the Ultra [biggrin]

Also consider getting a second pressure regulator/water trap mounted nearer the Ab for the following reason.

  • you can increase the tank pressure to a higher psi than what you are going to set the brush to, as this will enable you to have longer periods between the tank fill-ups.
  • with the second water trap, there is nil chance of getting water in the air supply.

hope this helps! [thumb]

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