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I don't know if this is common knowledge but it seems a pretty cool idea rather than using buffable metalisers in the airbrush. Apparently this works with all buffable metalising paints. I'll put the link to the originator down the bottom.

Pics and details:

The bits required. In this case Mr. Metal Dark Iron,  A couple of Pratt and Whitney radial engines. And fluffy brush. You need something that can really fluff the bristles. A soft flat or round, doesn't matter.

If you're doing a small amount of work you can simply load the brush up from the lid. You then let the brush dry completely. Although, it doesn't really matter as I found out, the more you work the paint it's going to dry anyway, just not wet.

The loaded brush.

Unfortunately the photos of me actually painting the things didn't turn out, but you basically swish the brush around and keep doing it until all surfaces are well covered. Eventually I held the part both ends to keep them off the finished surface, but I don't think it really matters.

I gave it a few minutes (ok, a smoke) and went back and buffed the highlights with a cotton bud. It comes out a lot more noticeable in the flesh, but you get the picture. Amazing stuff this. I'm sure you all know anyway.

So that's it. No airbrush required. Same result. [smile]

Oh here's the link from the originator so thanks very much the chap from Eastern Suburbs Scale Model Club.

If you go to the link you can check out their entire planes.


Cheers, Simon.

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