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Greetings My Fellow Modelers,
As most of you know my biggest problem was the air compressor
and living in the Philippines were the electrictty current is 220 volts.
I found some air compressor at BNA Model World and Hobby Tools both
in Australia. However the price and the shipping cost would been high and
I would have to save up in order to buy one.
Then I started to look at commercial air compressor, found two that was
small and had a 36 litre tanks on them.
Then last night, I was on line searching I found this one web site that is mostly
deals with Philippines on line store and came across the Air Compressor I
found at the local store, they wanted 6,999 peso and I start to laugh about it,
and my wife ask me why I was laughing and I told her that these people want
6,999 peso for the compressor we found in Surigao, were at the store it was only
5,250 peso. I happen to look in the lower left hand corner and found this:
Here it was a Powercraft AS 186 COMPRESSOR. i told my wife that this is the one I needed
and ask if I could get it and she said yes. At $118.81 and free shipping. So I bought it.
So now it will be here between May 15th or May 18th. One down and now on to air brushes and paint booth.

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Nothing better than finding EXACTLY what you want at a good price. The anticipation of the delivery will drive you insane. As I wrote here before , I put a small desk fan behind mine and the compressor stays cool to slightly warm no matter how long I run it. Enjoy!!

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