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I am not a research expert. I usually just Google the name of an aircraft, armor, etc. and begin with Wikipedia for general info and a few basic pictures. You can see reviews and some build pages on sites like ARC and others. Recently, after I have went through the basic, most apparent search, I Google the name of the machine, then select the Google link that is designated "images". It is always just a huge block of pictures of the real item, models, walk arounds,charts, diagrams, occasional videos, and totally unrelated images. The advantage? As you open each image there is a small gallery to the right that contains related images and a link to "view the page"--the site where that particular image came from. That link can be solid gold on many levels. Reviews, build diaries, product pages, more pics of the real item, etc. try it. For the F-16 I was looking for pictures and info on the speed brakes [yes, you can specify just parts of a machine!]. here is the basic browser page result  for "F-16 speed brakes":

the first link is Images for F-16 speed brakes. check it out and click on some of the "view the page" links with each picture. its like fishing, you never know what you will find! adds a bit of adventure to the research task.

this is probably old news to most everyone but maybe it will help someone that is new??


pinterest pg. of scale models/dioramas:

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