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I have been watching your youtube videos and would be interested to know where you get your sanding sticks from. I'm about to embark on this build in tandem with my HMS Pegasus build. I have built the caldercraft victory but had to shelf the project after 18 months build time (ready to start the rigging when I was unable to commit anymore time to it when I changed jobs. But now happily retired.

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After coming back to the hobby a few  years ago--disabled/retired--I grabbed all kinds of sanding papers and sticks. I have used 400 grit from the hardware, 1000/2000 grit Tamiya sanding papers, the skinny sanders that Bob talks about , and even sanding sticks from the beauty supply. They have everything from coarse grit to fine buffing sticks. Everyone uses different supply's. I can't find my link to the Skinny sander manufacturer but someone here will pop up with it I'm sure. I bought several "sets' of them at once and have not needed to reorder since then. Problem? the skinny sander packs I bought had no company info on them! bummer.

Here is a link to a product review that Bob did on the Flory sanding sticks:

you can also google "skinny sanding sticks" and find pages of different sticks from all over. Good Luck with your builds and congratulations on making it to retirement!


pinterest pg. of scale models/dioramas:

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