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you went for it and that is what counts the most. I love to see good scribing but I am not good at it after several builds.I got all the tools, watched video, etc.

My worst habit was digging too deep on the first pass. Bob teaches to literally use just a tiny bit of pressure above the weight of the tool to begin with. I need more patience but I forgot where to guy a drum of it.

Some people take label making tape, cut it in half [more flexible], lay down tape along the edge line first, then put the label tape strip over that. the tape keeps your label tape "guide" from wearing out its sticky so soon. That label tape has a toughness to it. might be worth a try. I've used it before, then I got lazy.

Look at your scribing tools and make sure that the point that does the scribing is equal bevel on both side. if not, the cutter will steer off course more often.

On the flexible metal rulers, you might be able to put a strip of tape on the opposite side of the edge you are using so that when you get it positioned, you can hold it down and press the tape down to help it stay in place?

My last kit, an F-16, had raised panel lines. I scribed the flaps then just added other detail to catch the eye. I also used an odd [but real] camo scheme. in other words, I tried to trick people looking at it with a diversion tactic. When I tried to scribe other panel lines I failed miserably.

the kit plastic on the F-16 was white and it is VERY hard to see what you are doing. some builders will apply a very thin coat of gray paint to help when doing details on white styrene. best wishes--scribing is a pain, but the results can be so satisfying.


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