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 OOB Build Options
 Basic Kit Only 11 84%
 Allow Multi Media Kits 2 15%
Total votes: 13   Please or sign up to vote.

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I like the core idea of out of the box build. I think it give you a chance to take a kit that you have sitting around and creating a masterpiece, however I don't think that add-on kits should be allowed. The kits that should be allowed should be a simple no photo etch, no resin, and so on. I have no problem with scratch build. (even though I have not scratch built anything yet). I believe this build should be about your individual skill level and taking it to that next step. it should not be about the extra thinks one kit offers and or what you can buy to make it better. I believe the an exception can be made when it comes to a diorama however. ( just because I have noticed that there are many members that want to include them) but that exception would only be for things that are not assisting or connected to the original subject.

Brandon AKA Snowsims

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