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I also ordered a pure RESIN kit for my 1/35 Tamiya Sturmtiger mortar build. I wanted the transmission kit and I placed an order with Tank Workshop. It was kit#TWS 2003 Sturmtiger Transmission and included this comment on the instruction sheet: "...will fit several of the most popular kits available today...." I assume [Tamiya, AFV, ???].

the kit arrived with two broken driver controls, and the chassis sub floor part [1] was incorrect, twisted, and broken in two places. However: the transmission was BEAUTIFUL and the kit contained a steering wheel, three radio consoles, and the drivers instrument console, and all drivers hand controls which were better than the PE parts form my interior kit. the instructions were marginal due mostly to grainy, faded BW photos on the most important aspect of the build.I have to say overall I was satisfied due to the great transmission part AND ALL the extra goodies included.

This PDF file I JUST NOW FOUND is the color version of the BW instructions that came with the kit--wish I had seen this before I installed the tank workshop parts! its beautiful!:

this is the TWS kit installed in my Tamiya kit:


pinterest pg. of scale models/dioramas:

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