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Back with an Update!

So first of all I apologize for the photo issue. It seems that they were somehow deleted from my archive website and disappeared without a trace. But that's why you keep a backup! They have been re-uploaded to the site and I'm in the process of re-captioning them. You can see the full build here. But now on with the update

Paint is on plastic ladies and gentlemen! Starting off with the exhaust tips. Primed in Alclad Gloss Black, 2 thin coats of AK Xtreme Metal Duraluminum, Flat Coated with Tamiya XF-86 Flat Clear and finally brushed with A.MIG-3020 Metal Slag. I'm a little disappointed in the result so I will more than likely seal in this layer with another coat of flat clear. Using some MIG enamel odorless thinners to fix the pigments to the exhausts will hopefully add the necessary depth. Of course most of the exhaust will be hidden by exhaust soot effects later in the build.


Next I had focused on the centrifugal supercharger inlet on the right side of the air-frame, which is a prominent feature on the Dora-series of aircraft. First step was to use some Regular Milliput to fill in the void of the inlet which was done previously but here is refined and smoothed out. The first set of pictures here here is my original attempt at recreating the weld seam using stretched sprue, Tamiya Extra Thin, and a hobby blade.



This may be sufficient for thicker weld beads, however it was far too pronounced even in 24th scale so I re did the bead using a method I found a long time ago in a model car forum. The idea is that you thin down some putty ( in my case Bondo Spot and Glazing Putty) with lacquer thinner. Once you have reached a goopy, but not watery consistency, you put this mixture into a hypodermic needle. Then you apply the putty where you want the weld bead. I made a tutorial for this here 
if your interested. The photos below show the new weld bead primed in Mr. Surfacer 1500 Black. I made sure to be a little inconsistent with the weld line to add some variance and interest to the intake. I also used a UMM Beading Tool to add the rivets around the bottom flange.


Moving front to back now I started focusing on the Jumo 213 motor. It has been painted in various black shades and metals. Done and Done.










With the engine completed I moved back to the upper gun bay just aft of the engine itself. The ammo boxes were sprayed with Alclad GBB, the with Mr. Metal Color Aluminum. When the paint had dried two light mists of Tamiya X-22 were sprayed to act as a barrier between the lacquer and the hairspray. After three LIGHT COATS of the hairspray had dried I sprayed down the XF-63 German Grey and began chipping/ weathering the cans. The photo below shows an unmolested ammo container on the left, and a fully chipped one on the right.


Just behind the ammo cans is where the MGs attach to and the main gun bay as it were. This was painted with MRP RLM 02 and then washed with Flory Models Grime Wash. More details need to be painted in such as the firing box and wires but that will come in later.



The cockpit got the same treatment as the MG ammo boxes. The FuG16zy radio is the same way.











 The fuselage also received the MRP RLM 02/ Flory Grime wash treatment and so did the tail. All the necessary components were glued into the one half of the tail compartment.



Well thats it for now guys. Again sorry for the pics disappearing. if you missed it at the top the link for the full build is in the link below.


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yep something has gone wrong with the latest picture links, can't se them either ..
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The pictures on my end are fine. Again a very nice update. Engine looks great and just love the ammo cans!
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I can see the pictures, and what very good pictures they are. Some fantastic work so far.

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Yeah, it was glitch on my end from the previous posts where the original html paths were changed somehow. I will try to rectify it. In  the mean time I'm currently re-adding the original photos to my album. You can find them at this link though I'm still in the process of re-captioning them.



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Between the inherent detail and your work everything looks smashing! The technique for replicating that weld seam is a great tip. Got to give that a try down the road thanks!

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