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Guys been looking on Pinterest for tips and inspiration [smile] and notice quite a few models (planes, cars & trucks) have tyre deformation
A bit like this:

How do you guys produce this effect, with both solid & hollow plastic?

Cheers Jas

Jas.......... The Scratchbuilder


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I tend to show the bulge when I'm doing a vehicle or plane that is exceptionally heavy, like a Hercules.
I have my own rule of thumb, and it works for me. Slice off the bottom of tyre in one piece. The bit you have cut off cut in half. What you have then are 2 pieces that show you how much you must bulge the tyre on each side at the base. This I would do using something like milliput.

Rubber tyre that come with kits tend to do there own bulging, but you can make it even better by increasing the weight of the model.
I tend to weight my tanks down with old AA batteries taped inside the hull. I know we are talking tracks but it can be very useful when the tank is on the back of a transporter like the Dragon which has rubber tyres.

On some models you can get away with just sanding the base of the tyre flat to give the illusion of weight, and not have to do the bulge.

Of course there are so many after-market items , that you can get weighted tyres in resin that have the bulge.

Hope some of this is useful.

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I've read also of while heating water, pressing down the wheel/tyre on the vessel can give both the flatness and bulge. Never tried it though!
Aidan in Tyrone
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