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Airbrush troubles anyone?

When I first started with an AB I bought the Veda 180. Bobby did a review of the Veda AB and it looked ok. I have used it right along although I got an Evolution a while back.

Here is the kick.Many months ago I was having some problems with the Veda and I ordered a set of gaskets for it. Yes, I got all the numbers right, but many of the gaskets in the pack had nothing to do with the Veda---yes, the pack had the proper numbers on it also. Yeah, I know manufacturers sometimes stack a kit like that to cover several models of something---right? well, it lacked several gaskets but I got enough gaskets to get the AB going good again---fingers crossed.

WELL, now to the REAL problem. I totally took the Veda apart about 2 weeks ago and found some paint in the channel just ahead of the trigger. you have to insert a small screwdriver from the back end of the AB and loosen a "nut" just ahead of the trigger. there is a plastic or Teflon [??] seal there---very small. It seems to prohibit the flow of paint that might go backwards around the needle and leak out around the trigger.

cleaning all know what is coming.....I was about to re-position the seal......wait on it....and just at the moment of it is.............................that  @%!$# gasket popped off into the dark regions of outer space. I searched for several hours, tried a rubber substitute--NO GO... GRRRrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!

So now I have a useless AB for the want of one tiny damn seal.

I have scoured the internet several times and can find nothing to replace the seal among the advertised Veda 180 gasket/seals kits.

I have thought about punching some styrene and poking a hole in it as an attempt to get a repair, but I don't have a punch small enough to replicate the size of the seal in question.


UPDATE: I went to the site I ordered the Veda 180 AB from [PECOGLOBAL] and when you click on "contact us", you get a message to refer to their "eBay store" for more help. Well, when you search the EBAY store address---it will not open. How convenient! This is what you get with the "link" to their eBay store:


    We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us.


    We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us.


    We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us.

UPDATE 2: Just found this video by accident. the author shows a full break down of the Veda 180 AB and he talks about the white seal I am looking for. gives a possible website to search..YAY! now to see if they have what I need?

Update 3: found a product on

hope this is it?

UPDATE 4: Well, it seems that the company cannot ship the item to the USA??? sent them an email inquiry.....bummer.

UPDATE 5: copy and pasted the name of the item + the bartsharp SKU number in my browser----found it on e Bay. .57 shipping! placed the order thorough paypal. seems like I may get the part I need after all??? waiting for email verification now.

order confirmed via email---YAY!


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