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I cut this from an article on using Model Master metalizer paints. tape can damage the more delicate metal paints and the writer here talks about using "wet masking" rather than tape.

Due to the unique nature of Metalizer coatings, the use of standard-tack masking tape is not recommended. Low-tack tape can be used successfully on non-buffing colors. Here’s another way to mask to achieve a "dissimilar" panel effect as on aircraft models. Cut newspaper into strips and soak in water. Outline the area to be painted with the wet strips. Soak up all water droplets with a tissue, then lightly airbrush the area. Remove paper and soak up water drops. Allow to dry then buff as usual. Note: When using the "wet masking" technique, best results are achieved by spraying the dark colors first. Then, after placing the masking strips, spray the lighter colors.

Bob also addresses using low tack tape on a bare metal finish that he used on a P-51 Mustang. Its in the rapid build section of the video builds. Last episode I think?


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