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There haven't been any new updates on the H.M.S. Victory in quite some time. Just wondering if that build will be continuing. I hope so as it was quite interesting to watch a wood ship model being constructed in almost real time like this.

I'm not sure if Bobby is aware of this but, to my knowledge (and I have looked), there is no other detailed build video on ANY wooden ship model (including on the wood ship model sites) that are done in the way Bobby is presenting the Victory build where he is actually doing the work in real time on camera. Most other build video's are nothing more than video build logs where the author shows the result of a few steps after they are done. And to be honest even the vast majority of those are unfinished.

Wood ship modeling is a different and challenging form of modeling. I've always believed it to be the most challenging form of modeling given that most "kits" don't come with detailed instructions (although not the case with the Victory as those instructions are quite good).

Anyway I hope Bobby hasn't given up on it because he has a chance to put something out there that has never been done before, and something that could inspire many newcomers to tackle a wood ship model kit.

Good luck and hope to see more soon,
Don Brent
Phoenix, AZ

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I have not posted anything in regards to the wooden ship build but I also wondered about it. I know that he usually receives the parts of the kit as a subscription. They only send you certain components on a time line. Could be a question of the manufacturer or distributor.

Could be a matter of cost?

Might just be a matter of moving the Genessis back to Bob's shed at his house [instead of the brick and mortar shop he was at] where he films the shows, video builds, etc. I am sure that the move cut a large chuck of time out of his schedule.

I await the official answer along with you. I would love to tackle a smaller wooden ship someday and his videos would be invaluable.


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I also would love to see that buil progressing. Hopefully Bobby finds some time and film new episodes. Maybe once a month ?


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