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Hi there,

I wonder of anybody can give me some advice about painting?

I’m a photographer working on a series of still life photographs of a white Spitfire. I’ve chosen to build a Revell 1/32 Spitfire Mk2. I’ve also collected together some basic tools and modelling supplies for the build. It’s been a long time, but I do have some experience of modelling and, along with the internet tutorials I’ve been studying up with, I feel fairly confident I can put together a respectable model which will at least photograph well. However…

 …Painting the model is a different matter - my experience with painting is pretty simple - just paint brushes dipped into pots of Humbrol enamel really. I’d like to paint this model to a good standard and I’m going to need some advice to do it! I was hoping that somebody knowledgeable might be willing to suggest a workflow and some materials / equipment for my project. Here’s a run down of what I’m aiming for:

 The Spitfire will be completely white, including the interior. The white would ideally have a slight tone, rather than pure brilliant white. The only part of the model which won’t be painted white is the canopy glass, which will be masked as normal. There will be no pilot. The undercarriage will be up. There will be no weathering or distressing. Overall the object is to create a clean, slick, almost ghostly looking model. I’d like the finish of the model to have a slight semi-matt sheen to it. Not glossy, just a slight sheen. And I’m considering pre-shading the model, or priming with a darker grey, so that the detail and grooves in the bodywork have a little bit of definition.

I’m open to any suggestions. I know very little. I’m up for anything. I think I need suggestions for a workflow, the necessary equipment and the necessary paints and thinner, plus ratios etc. I’d love to hear any thoughts!

Thank you and all best,


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